Accelerate Your Business with Mobile

Make your services available to customers on mobile, dispatch bookings, manage drivers and optimize your operations. We offer a variety of plug-and-play mobile solutions for ground transport.


A Mobile App for Taxi and Ride Companies

Manage your fleet of drivers and vehicles. Easily accept, dispatch, track, and manage ride requests via the mobile app and web interface, and take advantage of technology-enabled efficiencies such as better driver-rider matching.

Web and mobile app capabilities:

  • Dispatch ride requests to drivers in your team.
  • Track driver and vehicle location, availability and trip progress.
  • Optimize driver-rider matching based off of real time location.
  • Review driver productivity by analyzing revenues, trips and mileage stats.


A Booking App for Riders

Combine the familiarity and experience of a local taxi or shuttle service with the convenience of on-demand, mobile-based ride hailing. Let your customers book rides, pay and view their ride history within this mobile app.

Mobile app capabilities:

  • Allow riders to request rides from anywhere via mobile.
  • Provide riders with alerts on ride confirmation and driver and vehicle information.
  • Show riders real-time vehicle proximity and arrival times.
  • Enable dynamic, surge-based pricing.
  • Allow riders to pay and tip the driver with in-app, cashless payments.


A Web App for Enterprise Ride Booking

Provide local businesses and corporate clients an easy web portal for booking rides for employees and customers.

Web app capabilities:

  • Allow enterprise clients to make bulk or single ride bookings.
  • Provide client-side company profiles, ride-history and receipt logs.
  • Accept online payments from corporate accounts.
  • Integrate directly with the client’s CRM and scheduling systems.
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