If you just want to outsource your development, that’s not us.

We are a mobile and web creative agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 2011, our team has helped produce dozens of apps to date, including standalone frameworks and libraries.

Our Values



Sustained, focused effort yields the best results, while juggling multiple projects at once, even by different teams, increases stress, dilutes our attention and hinders our ability to fully immerse ourselves in a product and brand.


Many agencies sell innovation as be-all and end-all: make things different to stand out. But apps that stand out are not simply “different”. They are exceptionally useful, simple and valuable to their users. We take a result-driven approach to innovation.


We believe in using our skills, our minds and our creativity in an ethical, responsible way. We discuss ethics openly and model ethical behavior in every aspect of our work: Honesty, integrity, keeping promises, and taking responsibility are the core standards by which we treat each other as well as our clients.


Oostenburgervoorstraat 130, 1018 MR
Amsterdam info@100grams.nl

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